About US

Flexilis Pvt.Ltd. is amongst the top importers and stockist of Natural and Synthetic rubber in India.


The journey began back in 1966, ‘Kemi-col Traders’ began to trade in chemicals. Advancing business under the banner, the company furthered its foray by transacting in another product line, synthetic rubber 1973.


In 1988, as the business grew exponentially, it necessitated restructuring, resulting in forming the company as ‘Samir Supply Pvt.Ltd.
The company was then considered a pioneer, when by 2009 it enjoyed a commanding position, with seven offices Pan India which were doing brisk business.

Fresh minds, Innovative think-tank:

With the advent of fresh minds, the potential for growth in emerging markets was recognized. To triumph previous success, vision to optimize scalability was drawn and new strategies were implemented to increase the import of synthetic rubber. In 2006, a new company ABN Impex Pvt.Ltd. was established to trade in natural rubber.

International Growth Plan:

To leverage opportunities for development and expansion, the company geared up with a robust plan along with a blueprint for precision execution.
Thus, Samir Supply Pvt.Ltd. was again re-enshrined as Flexilis Pvt.Ltd with an aim to make a mark on the international map, Flexilis Pvt. Ltd. is constantly endeavouring to serve with unconditional commitment, building a supply chain of quality goods, reliable service and trustworthiness. Demonstrating formidable development, Flexilis Pvt.Ltd. is today a foremost market player. It is one of the chosen supplier and distributor of synthetic rubber, chemicals and resins in India. It is also a channel partner of MNCs such as: ExxonMobil, SABIC, ISRPL, Covestro and Merchem.

The Driving force: (Management)

Samir Vora:

Spearheading the business with energy and endeavour is Samir Vora. Having joined ‘Kemi-col Traders’ in 1982 and a passion for Sales and Marketing. As he took the firm from strength to strength, it became essential to refurbish it under a new name. ‘Kemi-col Traders’ was then popularly came to be known as ‘Samir Supply Pvt.Ltd. in which he was responsible for entire sales promotion. After the restructuring, his focus is on Natural Rubber vertical.

Bhupesh Vora:

Joining the trade in 1985 Bhupesh Vora headed the import of synthetic rubber. With his entry into this area, the business saw a rise in imports of this commodity which further advanced the business. His responsibility included purchase, finance and accounting. He had the foresight to interact and form alliance with multinational companies for consistent future growth. After restructuring he has channelled his energy in leading the Synthetic rubber vertical

Nisarg Vora:

A Chemical Engineer and a graduate of FMBA from the premier institute ISB, Nisarg plans to integrate time tested methodologies with cutting edge, intelligent solution and embed them into the business. Nisarg demonstrates deep insights and thorough knowledge about his trade as he plans to create and implement effective methodologies to take Flexilis notches higher than it is now. A powerful driving force, Nisarg's sharp intellect and comprehension of today's commerce and industry has greatly helped the company to broaden its operational bandwidth and extend its international arm. Today, Flexilis is in a league of its own, poised to make a mark on the global stage. Nisarg is heading indenting of natural rubber as well as the imports and exports of the same.

The Team:

The driving force behind Flexilis Pvt.Ltd. is the bright team of qualified professionals. Rich with experience, the team is a perfect merger of time honoured integrity and progressive thinking. The formidable team strength is 53, ensuring company’s seamless operations, quality of merchandise and unparalleled reputation in the market. Setting excellent standards in business, the management strives to be the perfect role model for others to follow. With in-depth knowledge of the trade, every member of the management believes in adding value to their clients business by offering innovation solutions to their client’s concerns. This further foster the “Client-Flexilis” relationship thus promoting smooth work processes.