Cross Linker

A cross-link is a bond that links one polymer chain to another. They can be covalent bonds or ionic bonds. "Polymer chains" can refer to synthetic polymers or natural polymers (such as proteins). When the term "cross-linking" is used in the synthetic polymer science field, it usually refers to the use of cross-links to promote a difference in the polymers' physical properties. When "crosslinking" is used in the biological field, it refers to the use of a probe to link proteins together to check for protein–protein interactions, as well as other creative cross-linking methodologies.

Flexilis is authorised stockist and importers/ suppliers of Desmodur RE, Desmodur RFE.

Desmodur RE can be used as hardening agent and crosslinker in various types of chloroprene rubber adhesive. It can also be used as bonding agent between rubber to metal. Desmodur RFE is used to cross link agent for textile / Fabric with adhesive.

Desmodur RE:   
Desmodur RFE: