ISNR(SMR) 5,10,20

TSR: Technically specified rubber is a form of natural rubber comparable to that of Synthetic rubber with respect to grading by technical standards & packing.
TSR is obtained from latex, field coagulum or both. TSR is produced by almost all countries which produce NR & marketed under different brand names.

  • India - Indian Standard Natural Rubber (ISNR)
  • Malaysia - Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR)
  • Thailand - Standard Thai Rubber (STR)
  • Indonesia - Standard Indonesian Rubber (SIR)
  • Srilanka - Sri Lankan Rubber (SLR)
Currently there are six grades of TSR marketed in India.

1) ISNR 3CV - Produced from high quality latex, viscosity stabilized grade having Mooney viscosity of 60 + /- 5 Excellent Physical Properties Used for tyres, engineering products, extruded profile, calendered products requiring consistency.

2) ISNR 3L - Produced from high quality NR latex light colour (lovibond 6), good substitute for pale latex crepe (PLC). used for printing rollers, pharmaceutical and medical applications.

3) ISNR 5 - Produced from field latex and high quality coagulum. Suitable for engine mounts, footwears, conveyer belt. Good alternative to high quailty RSS etc.

4) ISNR 10,20 & 50 - These grades are produced from high quality field coagulum. Good replacement for low quality RSS grades. ISNR 10 & 20 are used for tyre manufacture. ISNR 50 is suitable for moulded products.

(Source - Natural Rubber RRII Publication)